Dear Mr. Watterson Bonus Edition

Dear Mr. Watterson Bonus Edition

The 90 minute feature film + over 100 minutes of additional interviews, bonus features, and deleted scenes.

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Dear Mr. Watterson Bonus Edition

47 Videos

  • Dear Mr. Watterson

    Calvin & Hobbes dominated the Sunday comics in thousands of newspapers for over 10 years, having a profound effect on millions of readers across the globe. When the strip’s creator, Bill Watterson, retired the strip on New Year’s Eve in 1995, devoted readers everywhere felt the void left by the ...

  • Defining a Comic Strip

    Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum Curator Jenny Robb takes on the somewhat difficult task of trying to define a comic strip.

  • The Elevator Pitch

    How do you define or describe Calvin & Hobbes in just a few sentences?

  • Editor Lee Salem

    Bill Watterson's editor, Lee Salem, talks about his first reactions to the strip and the expectations surrounding it.

  • Tony's First Impression

    Cartoonist Tony Cochran recalls his initial impression after seeing Calvin & Hobbes.

  • "Bill Waterson"

    Cartoonist Bill Amend recalls seeing a misprint in his local newspaper.

  • Berke Breathed Reacts

    Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed recalls his reactions to Calvin & Hobbes.

  • Jan Eliot First Sees C&H

    Cartoonist Jan Eliot recalls her initial reaction to Calvin & Hobbes and how she eventually got her strip Stone Soup in newspapers.

  • Watterson & Animation

    Animation critic and historian Charles Solomon talks about Bill Watterson and animation.

  • Personal Perspective

    Cartoonist Wiley Miller talks about the common theme among comic strips that were successful and acclaimed.

  • An Error & A Tribute

    Cartoonist Jef Mallett talks about how a mistake he made turned into an opportunity.

  • Farmer John

    A fan shares one of his favorite strips.

  • The Ethicator

    A fan shares one of his favorite strips.

  • Tony's Letter

    Tony Cochran talks about reaching out to Bill Watterson.

  • Learning to Read

    A former teacher talks about students learning to read with Calvin & Hobbes

  • Fireside Book Shop

    An introduction to the Fireside Book Shop in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.

  • Watterson Editorial

    A resident of Watterson's hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio, shares a Watterson editorial cartoon.

  • Calvin the Loser

    Cartoonist Stephan Pastis talks about a commonality among comic strip characters.

  • Christmas Cards

    Bill Amend recounts his first interaction with Bill Watterson.

  • Stephan Pastis at Work

    Cartoonist Stephan Pastis (Pearls Before Swine) walks us through his creative process.

  • Watterson's Tools

    Bill Amend (FoxTrot) shares a story about the tools that Watterson used to draw Calvin & Hobbes.

  • Pastis Uncut

    Cartoonist Stephan Pastis (Pearls Before Swine) discusses Watterson's decision to not license his characters. This clip is the un-edited piece of Pastis' interview about the subject.

  • Merchandise

    Charles Solomon recalls a couple early phone interviews with Bill Watterson.

  • Stubborn

    Berke Breathed (Bloom County, Outland, Opus) talks about Watterson and merchandising.

  • Cul de Sac

    This scene, which was deleted before being refined any further, focuses on the strip Cul de Sac, by Richard Thompson.

  • Robot Chicken

    Robot Chicken co-creator Seth Green talks about the process of creating their Calvin & Hobbes parody.

  • Watterson Dream

    This recording comes from the morning after I (Director Joel Schroeder) had a dream about Bill Watterson.

  • Hobbes for Halloween

    A fan talks about having his own Hobbes plush doll created.

  • Reading Calvin & Hobbes

    Calvin & Hobbes: perfect for reading...everywhere.

  • Watterson Letter

    Berke Breathed shares another one of his letters from Bill Watterson, complete with another drawing, of course.

  • Dead Cartoonists

    Wiley Miller (Non-Sequitur) talks Bill Watterson's "Cheapening of the Comics" speech, specifically about how comic strips used to be inherited after the original creator has passed.

  • Not Reading C&H

    Jef Mallett (Frazz) talks about not being able to read Calvin & Hobbes all the time because of the comparisons between it and his strip.

  • Plush Dolls

    A fan talks about the process of making Calvin & Hobbes plush dolls for her boyfriend.

  • Changes in Technology

    Cartoonist Dan Piraro talks about the technological changes in the comics industry.

  • The Calvin Lab

    In a video from one of our Kickstarter updates, director Joel Schroeder gives a brief tour of where much of our insert photography was filmed.

  • Watterson's 1/2 Page

    Cartoonist Dan Piraro gives another perspective on Watterson's demands for a 1/2 page in client newspapers.

  • Being a Cartoonist

    Bill Amend (FoxTrot) talks about some of the pros and cons of being a daily cartoonist.

  • Sunday Pages Exhibit

    Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum curator Jenny Robb talks about Calvin & Hobbes exhibitions.

  • Another Calvin & Hobbes

    Jan Eliot (Stone Soup) talks about the possibility of another Calvin & Hobbes.

  • Final Thoughts

    Watterson's editor, Lee Salem, offers up some final thoughts about the legacy of Calvin & Hobbes and Watterson himself.

  • Teaser Trailer

    The teaser trailer for Dear Mr. Watterson

  • Theatrical Trailer

    The theatrical trailer for Dear Mr. Watterson

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